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How to Travel with Wine

How to Travel with Wine

Hey Jet Setters thanks for stopping by She Comes with Baggage! Today we're talking about two of my very favorite things - Wine and Traveling! I'm gonna tell you how to get your precious vino back home safely from a trip!

So picture this, you've gone to the most magnificent wine tasting of your life and had probably a little too much wine and decided to buy one of each-

“I need them all!! This is the BEST wine I've ever had in my life!”

You proceed to buy them all and you go back to the hotel. Everything is great and you feeling wonderful and then you're packing to go home and you're like okay… how do I get all of this wine home?

Tip One : Bubble Wrap

Well my friend, my first tip is to look for a post office or grocery store near you to grab some bubble wrap and some packing tape and wrap those puppies up! If you're in a more rural area or you don't have time to do that then go ahead and take some dark clothing that you have and start at the neck of the bottle and wrap all the way down to the base of the bottle. Now you're gonna want to pack this in the middle and the center of a very full suitcase.

Yes, I said very full suitcase so if you didn't pack a lot of clothes you have full permission to go out and shop until that suitcase is full!

Tip Two: Wine Sleeves

Now if you're reading this and you're thinking ahead - and you’re like hey I'm going on a vacation that I may want to buy a bottle of wine for a friend to take back home. Well, I got something for you!

wine sleeve

Check out these Wine Sleeves

They are very easy to use they're very sturdy. It's nice to have in your bag just as a precaution! They also work great for olive oil and the best part - they are reusable!

If you want to be extra cautious go ahead and wrap some of those dark clothes around this just to be careful and again with this, you want to put it in the middle of a very full suitcase.

Tip Three: Wine Suitcase

Now let's say you are planning on bringing home more than like one or two bottles, then you may want to look at this product that I found VinGardValiese!

vingardevalise wine suitcase

They make a suitcase just for wine and it's pretty awesome but… it's also pretty expensive (if you're not really into bringing wine home from trips). The suitcase that holds eight bottles will run you $279, but it's priceless if you're buying some very expensive bottles and you want to get them home safely!

The great thing about this suitcase is that you can take the insert out of one side and use it as a regular suitcase!

Tip Four: Direct Shipping

Now if you don't want to fool with dragging your wine all the way back home (which I really don't ever enjoy doing), you can work with a direct shipper in that town or also the vineyard can hook you up with someone! In Napa, we use Buffalo Shippers and we also work with all the different vineyards to make sure wine gets safely back to us in Kentucky.

Tip Five: Wine Wipes

pearly wipes.PNG

My last tip is a beauty wine tip that can also be used when traveling. I found these awesome packages called pearly wipes and wine wipes! They are a lifesaver if you're doing a wine tasting or at a really long dinner or whatever it might be.

wine wipes.PNG

They're great to have in your purse or guys can put them in your pocket and then just sneak away to the bathroom and get all that purple grape juice off your teeth! They come in a little box of 12 and you can grab as many as you need at a time! This is a much better option than dragging a toothbrush around in a tiny purse for a night on the town!

I hope you guys have enjoyed all of these tips about wine and traveling! I would love to hear your tips so please send them to me!

You can find me on Instagram - Facebook - YouTube

Until next time I hope you have safe and happy travels!



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