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Front of the Line – TSA PreCheck

Front of the Line – TSA PreCheck

Have you ever been standing in the never ending security line at the airport watching the “elite travelers” zip right through the exclusive TSA PreCheck line? Yep.  And I bet every time you think to yourself… as soon as I get home from this trip I’m going to figure out how to do that.

Well consider it done my friends.

Of all my travel discoveries this one probably tops the list. The process to apply is fairly simple and if you are lucky enough to live close to an enrollment center you’ll be skipping to the head of the line in a matter of weeks.

So how does it work?

This program provides eligible, low-risk travelers with expedited security screening. To take part in the program, you fill out an application, visit an enrollment center to provide proper documentation (a passport, or your birth certificate and drivers license will do) and pay a non-refundable $85 fee (valid for 5 whole years).

After you apply online, appear in person to do a short interview and are approved, you will then receive a Known Traveller Number (KTN). You will use this number when you make future flight reservations in order for the airline to print an indicator on your boarding pass that allows you to go through the PreCheck line.

Where does it work?

You will find it at more than 160 airports with 16 participating airlines.


  • Shorter security lines
  • No need to remove shoes, laptops, 3-1-1 liquids, belts and light jackets
  • Cost is only $85
  • Status is good for 5 years
  • Feeling like a Superstar
  • Overall less stressful experience checking in and getting to the gate

I’ve only encounter a handful of places that didn’t offer a PreCheck option and I had to wait in the regular security line. But even then you are usually handed a laminated neon card that allows you to keep your shoes on and all your liquids in your bag.

As much as people hate on the TSA, I’d like to give them a big old gold star for this program. As Hall and Oates would say… “Well cause you, You make my dreams come true.”

More Questions? 

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