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Traveling with a Group? Make a Collaborative Playlist with Spotify!

Traveling with a Group? Make a Collaborative Playlist with Spotify!

Headed out on a summer road trip or taking a beach vacation with a group of friends? Well you’re gonna need some great tunes. But something as important as this shouldn’t be left up to just one person.

Thanks to Spotify’s collaborative playlist feature, you can be sure that no matter what taste in music might best suit the party, everyone will get their say.

To get started with a collaborative playlist, open up Spotify on your PC, Mac or your mobile device. Next, you can either create an entirely new playlist from scratch, or take an existing playlist and add your peeps as collaborators.


Create a Collaborative Playlist

In this example, we”ll be creating a new playlist designed for our upcoming trip to Punta Cana:


After you name your new playlist, click on the name of the playlist and find the circle with three dots in order to access the collaborative playlist menu. Click “Collaborative Playlist” in order to activate this feature.

If the process was successful, the new collaborative playlist will be denoted by a small circle seen just above the playlist’s name in your sidebar that looks something like this: .


Invite and Share With Your Friends

To get your friends in on the fun, right-click on the playlist one more time, and open up the share prompt by clicking the “Share” option.


From here, you can add friends from your Spotify account, or if you have connected your Facebook account you can invite friends that are linked to that account.


Voila! After you share it..  the people you shared the playlist with will now have the option to add, delete, or modify the order of any songs contained within that playlist. #PlayOnPlaya

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